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11 Types of Spiders in Kentucky: How to Identify Common House Spiders with Pictures

Spiders don’t really like you either. They are often “accidental invaders” because they don’t purposely invade your home to scare you. They are just looking for the ideal place to hunt, live, and breed. Spiders are everywhere. You can find them in your bedroom closet or in Churchill Downs, and most of them are beneficial. Only a few species are actually toxic or harmful to humans, but that doesn’t mean we want to invite the spiders in Kentucky to the dinner table. How To Identify Spiders  When you see a creepy crawly scurrying across [...]

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How To Get Rid of Mice: Different Methods On How To Exterminate Mice Fast

Nothing is worse than enjoying a quiet evening at home and then hearing the scratchy and scampering of an unwanted house guest. Mice can get into your home several different ways without you even knowing. These pests are one of the most common household pests in Louisville, KY. Although they only live about a year or so, they often carry dangerous transmissible diseases and are smart enough to dodge common traps. Many times, mice can enter, nest, multiply and spread before you notice they are there.In this article, we are going to discuss the different [...]

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