We’ve all heard it or said it at least a time or two in our life. “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” The truth of the matter is, most people don’t realize how prevalent bed bug problems are becoming across the United States, and even right here in Louisville, Kentucky. Because of this, the majority of people are also unaware of just how quickly a bed bug infestation can appear and get out of control before its too late.

The problem lies within the fact that bed bugs are tenacious creatures who have adapted well enough to become resistant to extermination chemicals that have previously been in use. Many chemicals have become ineffective in the fight against bed bugs, and DIY removal methods don’t stand a chance. The most effective way to protect yourself from bed bugs is with professional pest control management.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Bed bugs make us feel dirty, unsafe, discomforted, and powerless, all within the walls of our own homes. These tiny nuisances don’t feed on debris or other insects; they feed on humans and tend to show up anywhere humans can. Homes, offices, schools, cars, hotels, shopping malls, airplanes – you name it. Bed bugs travel around by making way into your luggage, backpacks, briefcases, mattresses, clothing, and furniture, and make themselves comfortable once they’ve found a reliable food source.

Bed bugs are often found in all kinds of places within your home or office space. As they only grow to be as around the size of an apple seed, bed bugs are notorious for sneaking into small hiding places. The most obvious places bed bugs can hide will be in your mattresses, box springs, frames, and headboards, as well as in pillowcases. However, they can also be found lurking in seams of chairs, couches, between suctions, in drawer joints, in electrical outlets, underneath wallpaper, and even in the head of screws that hold your furniture together.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs tend to be about 3/8 inches long, and can actually be seen with the naked eye. They are oval in shape and a light red-brown in color. As we stated earlier, they are commonly known to grow to be similar to the size of an apple seed.

One of the most common ways to detect the presence of bed bugs is to begin by checking your surroundings. If you’re noticing peppercorn-sized black spots in your sheets, clothing, or luggage, this is a sure indicator you may be experiencing a bed bug outbreak or infestation. These tiny spots are digested blood that has been secreted and left behind by the bugs.

The second way to easily identify a bed bug outbreak is by checking your body for bites. Although you cannot feel when bed bugs are biting you, you can definitely see the results on your skin. Bed bug bites are often grouped together on the skin and can be quite small in nature. Typically, bed bugs bite the areas of your skin that are exposed during sleep. Although their bites are not normally painful, they can quickly become itchy and swollen.

Bed bugs can multiply quickly, as females can lay up to 200 eggs at a time. Bed bugs can reach their adult life in just short five weeks after being hatched, and the lifespan of a bed bug most commonly ranges from four to six months, but can live up to a year, even without a host.

It’s important to be aware of just how intense a bed bug problem can become if not managed quickly, properly, and effectively. Early detection is critical when trying to prevent a massive infestation, and professional bed bug treatment is the only way to eradicate the problem.

Bed Bug Treatment and Removal

At IPM Services, we understand just how invasive and personal a bed bug infestation can feel. When disaster strikes in your Louisville home or office space, let us be the team to take care of you, as we will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Our Process:

Using mattress covers will help cut down the need for bed bug treatment in Louisville, KY.

If chosen to provide service for your home or business, our process begins with a complete inspection of your property. We check where you believe you are seeing the original infestation site, as well as the beds, furniture, linens, etc. in that room if we’re working inside your home. We then do the same thing for the other rooms within your home, so we can confidently narrow down where your infestation has started and how we can best help rid of your problem.

Next, we provide an analysis and estimate for your service. Very few other pests pose control challenges as complex as bed bugs. It’s important to remember that bed bug treatments in the Louisville, Kentucky area may require more than one technician to treat your home, and often requires multiple visits to successfully manage the problem at hand.

Depending on the severity and size of the bed bug infestation, as well as treatment method needed, prices can often differ from one case to the next. For additional pricing information, give us a call today.

Finally, we begin treatment. Bed bug treatment can take place in a variety of methods. Our team works diligently to target where they are living and breeding, as well as remove any unhatched eggs we can find. We will provide a 7-10 day follow up.

How To Prepare For Treatment:

Preparing for bed bug treatment is the first step to successfully getting bed bugs out of your home. The better the prep, the easier the treatment process. At IPM Services, we provide you with a step by step guide so your home, family members, and pets are protected fully during service and the bed bug removal process. For additional information, give us a call or simply view our Treatment Preparations for Bed Bugs Checklist.

Methods of Removal:

IPM Services uses chemical bed bug treatment methods. Our chemicals are used in wall voids, cracks, and crevices around your home. We also treat cloth furniture, mattresses, and box springs. After your treatment spray, we also use a flushing agent to flush and remove from harborage areas, as well as get rid of any eggs that have been left behind.

Bed Bug Exterminators at IPM Services

When bed bugs invade your Louisville, Kentucky or Southern Indiana home or business, you need the problem handled quickly, professionally, and completely. As a trusted name in both the residential and business community, why work with anyone else other than Integrated Pest Management Services?

Our team of certified, trained, and knowledgeable bed bug exterminators is ready to handle your infestation and rid you of your problems now, as well as work to prevent your problem from returning. Our bed bug treatment methods offer long-term solutions, customized to your home, your family, and your needs. If your bed bug problems return, so do we. Call IPM Services today to schedule service.





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