Admit it. Accidentally walking through a spider web immediately turns you into a karate master. It makes you jump and shake until you’re sure you’re no longer covered in web. It’s normal that seeing one of these creepy-crawlers in your home or office strikes fear in you. And even if you aren’t exactly scared of spiders, who exactly wants to deal with them?

We do, of course.

Although some see spiders as a threat, spiders are actually very beneficial to the environment. They perform their own version of pest control management, as they eat other insects for survival. The majority of people are just fine with spiders being in the environment, just not in their Louisville, Kentucky home or business.

Spiders sneak their way inside through doors, windows, air vents, cracks in the foundation, etc. in the search for food, water, and shelter. There are preventative methods you can take on your own, but professional pest control service is the most effective method of spider removal.

Common Kentucky Spiders

When you see a spider in your Louisville, Kentucky or Southern Indiana home or office, do you know exactly what you’re looking at? The first step in spider removal is knowing who you’re up against. There are several common spiders in Kentucky, here are a few of them.

Wolf Spiders:

Wolf spiders are the most frequently seen type of house spider found in this region of the country. These spiders are often identified by their color and size. Their bodies are commonly patterned in black, gray, and brown hues. Wolf spiders are relatively large in size and are quick on the move.

While often found in grassy areas and shrubbery, they can be found hiding inside behind doors, on windowsills, behind furniture, and in house plants. It’s very common to see wolf spiders every now and then, but if sightings become frequent, you may be experiencing an infestation and will need professional pest control service to remove them.

Brown Recluse Spiders:

It’s important to be able to recognize the difference in a wolf spider and a brown recluse, as these spiders can be a little more serious of an issue if dealing with an infestation. Brown recluse spiders are brown-tan in color and have a violin-shaped body. Like many spiders, these little guys also like to stay secluded in dark corners that are rarely disturbed, like between voids and kitchen cabinets, storage areas, and in basements, for example. Brown recluse spiders are relatively shy creatures and are not aggressive unless they feel threatened.

If you are bitten by a brown recluse spider, it can be dangerous if not acted upon quickly. Symptoms of a brown recluse bite can vary, depending on the age of the victim. Initial symptoms include fever, shivering, nausea, and vomiting. Eventually, the bite will grow into an ulcer, and in extreme cases, surgery is required to exact the necrotic tissue from the body.

Black Widow Spiders:

Often easily identified, black widow spiders are marked with a red colored, hourglass-shaped birthmark on their abdomens that easily stands out against their shiny black body. Tall grass and piles of firewood or debris are common homes to black widows. When inside the home, black widows like to hide in undisturbed places, like crawlspaces, near entrances, and near circulation vents.

Black widows offer the most toxic spider bite in the United States. Symptoms of a black widow bite can include muscle aches, nausea, and difficulty breathing. If medical attention is sought out quickly, most people fully recover with no lasting effects. However, bites from black widow spiders can be fatal to small children, the elderly, and those who have very weak health.

Preventative Spider Control and Costs

Don’t risk it. If you start seeing more than just one or two spiders here and there, it’s time to call a Louisville exterminator before you have a complete infestation on your hands. If you’re seeing spiders in or around your home or business, it’s likely they are feeding off of other bugs and insects, even if you aren’t seeing those other critters crawling around.

Let Integrated Pest Management Services come inspect your property and take care of all your spider and pest control problems. We use chemical treatment sprays for spider removal, as well as provide web dusting. During our web dusting process, we use specialized equipment that goes through the entire house, inside and out, to help remove cobwebs and spider eggs. As we treat your property, we will also be on the lookout for other pests and insects that spiders could potentially be feeding on. If we find any, we then discuss pest control treatment plans for those other issues.

We offer annual, quarterly, and monthly pest control packages, based on the square footage of your home, for all your spider removal needs. However, in the instance of a brown recluse or black widow infestation, some cases are priced higher than what falls under our pest control package costs and pricing. This is due to the extent of work and frequency of treatment that goes into getting rid of black widows and brown recluse spiders. For additional spider removal pricing information, contact IPM Services today.

Spider Management With IPM Services

When spiders invade your Louisville, Kentucky or Southern Indiana home or workspace, you need the problem handled correctly, quickly, and professionally. Our technicians are fully trained and highly skilled, making our team quick, effective, and fully equipped for your infestation and spider removal needs. 

We work to bring you the best in service, immediate impact, and long-term control for your spider and pest problems. With over 76 years of combined industry expertise, IPM Services is the right choice for the job. If you’re experiencing spider trouble, or having any other pest control issues, give us a call today to make a service appointment.





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