Opening your heart and your home to your pets means you may be unknowingly bringing other creatures into your home. Many pest control treatments use chemicals that can harm your pet, so be sure to take safety measures during application. For homes with pets, pest prevention is key. Let’s talk about pest prevention for homes with pets and how to keep them safe.

Preventing Pests
Before letting a problem arise, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of having a full-blown infestation.

-Keep your pets’ food bowls and sleeping areas clean.
-Stay on top of home maintenance.
-Give your pet flea meds once a month.
-Wash and dry toys or bedding if you spot any pests.
-Avoid leaving food and water out overnight.

Pests That Harm Your Pets
Certain pests are troublesome for pets and can spread disease or simply be annoying to your dog, cat, or other furry animals, such as:

Steps To Keep Your Pet Safe During Pest Control
Having a professional pest control company over to treat your home or doing it yourself? Here are a few ways to make sure your pets are safe.
Keep pets away. Secure your pets from the treatment area in another area of the house, or at a neighbor’s house if the whole home is infested. Make a plan before treatment begins, and keep your pets out of that area until all of the surfaces are dry.
Remove pet items from affected areas. Relocate their food and water dishes, toys, bedding, and grooming supplies to make sure your pet doesn’t accidentally ingest the pesticides.
Let your pest control technician know. Before your appointment, tell your technician about any pets that live in the home so they can make adjustments and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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