Rodents can cause significant harm to both your health and your property. Mice and rats are known carriers of various diseases, and their gnawing habits can lead to severe structural damage. Integrated Pest Management Services is here to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to help keep these unwanted guests at bay. Let’s dive into some effective strategies for rodent control.

How Are Rodents Getting Inside?

When rodents are making an effort to get cozy inside your home or business, chances are, they’re just trying to survive. These little critters are extremely adaptable and are relentless in their search for food, water, warmth, and shelter.

Without sealing off these entrances, rodent control cannot be considered effective. This work requires attention to detail because the route of a rodent is often tricky to fully locate. This is where the art and science of rodent exclusion work becomes important. Rats and mice sneak their way inside through your interior, attic, or crawlspace, even through the smallest of entry points. Because their skills are flexible, mice and rats can squeeze into places as small as a quarter-inch gap somewhere in your home’s foundation.

Prevention is Key

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to rodent control. Here are some preventative measures you can take:

Proper Sanitation

Rodents are attracted to food and water sources. Ensure that your home is clean, particularly in areas where food is stored or prepared. Regularly empty trash bins and keep them sealed.

Seal Entry Points

Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as a dime, while rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. Inspect your home thoroughly for any potential entry points and seal them with steel wool or caulk.

Trapping and Baiting

If preventive measures fail and you find yourself dealing with an infestation, trapping, and baiting are the most common rodent control methods.


Traps are a safe and effective way to eliminate rodents. Snap traps, live traps, and glue traps are all viable options. Remember to place them in areas where rodent activity has been spotted.


Rodenticides, or rat poisons, are another effective method. However, they should be used with caution, especially in homes with children or pets.

Professional Help

At IPM Services, we’re more than just exterminators. Our mission doesn’t stop at just removing mice, rats, and other rodents from your home or business. We also help you make sure they don’t return. We’re confident our rodent removal pest control services are the best in the business, and here’s why:

Safe and Effective Treatment

We offer safe control, effective treatment, and removal for your rodent infestation. We work to protect your family members and pets while taking care of your current rodent problem. Our combination of expertise and exclusion allows us to give you immediate improvement and long-lasting solutions.

Why Professional Rodent Removal is Necessary

Sure, anyone can set a mouse trap or place pieces of bait around and sit back and wait for the job to do itself. But are you eliminating entry points? How do you know if the bait you’re using is safe for your children or pets? Are you placing your traps in proper areas to be effective?

Anyone can try and get rid of rodents on their own, sure. However, there’s more to it than you think. Proper rodent control and treatment methods can only be implemented by a Louisville pest control professional.

At IPM Services, we also perform an extensive inspection of your property to find access points and entryways for the rodents, as well as locate any major food sources and nesting sites.

Detailed Rodent Exclusion Report

Once we’ve properly set traps with bait, investigated the source of the infestation, and drawn conclusions, our team will provide you with a detailed Rodent Exclusion Report. Our reports explain our findings, as well as break down the treatment methods we’ve implemented, along with our plans for keeping the rodents from returning.

Rodent Control and Management

As part of your inspection, as your treatment methods are being administered, our team will also provide the following details of exclusion work to be completed such as:

  • Repair gaps in the crawlspace or attic vents
  • Close gaps where plumbing enters the home from the crawlspace
  • Seal gaps around garage doors
  • Repair foundation gaps around sewer drains
  • Remedy any cracks and crevices around the crawlspace access door
  • Close and eliminate any other entry points throughout your home

IPM Services will inspect and perform any minor exclusion work. For more severe or extreme exclusion work, we are more than happy to refer you to another expert.

In conclusion, rodent control is not just about getting rid of the pests, but also ensuring they don’t return. With IPM Services, you’re guaranteed a safe, effective, and comprehensive approach to rodent control. Don’t let rodents rule your roost – contact us today!